In The Spring of 2013 I traveled to Montana De Luz, an orphanage in Honduras. My goal was to record the voices of the children living there. With the help of long-term volunteer Jarrett Piette we recorded over three days.

You would not know it by the atmosphere of love and support at MDL but many of these children have histories of inhuman and cruel treatment. The lyrics of Montana De Luz are a montage of these stories contrasted with the “love and light” that I felt during my visit there.

As the stories of these children are incredible, so is the story of Montana De Luz from its founding to its present day success. Like nearly every charitable organization, there is never enough time or money to do all the good that needs doing. Your support through the purchase of this download will help MDL in the realization of their mission.


The only good I remember
Is my mother the day she died.
I know she loved me when she could
I believe how hard she tried

A day much like another
Ended all her twisted pain
But the poison since discovered
Is still running in my veins

The place I entered then
Was dark all day and wet when it rained.
The man said he was family,
But my world had gone insane

I spent years there alone
With a chain across the door
Hate and fear in every look and word
I couldn’t take it any more.

When help took me at first
Into her open arms
All that I had known
Was a dark and endless night
I thought that help might be
Just another shade of dark
But up here I found light
End of endless night

Up here I found light
End of endless night.
Up here I found love and light
Montana De Luz

Up here I found light
Laughter’s warmth like noonday sun
I started life in endless night
Now I’ve learned to play and run

Still so many questions and new
Struggles I will face
But I’ll walk now with intention
And the spirit of this place.


Up here I found light…

Descubrí la luz aquí
Contra noche sin fin
Descubrí la luz aquí
Montana De Luz

Descubrí la luz aquí
Contra noche sin fin
Descubrí la luz aquí
Montana De Luz


from Voices of Montana De Luz- Finding Light, track released October 15, 2013
Written and performed by Christopher Bosca and the kids of Montana De Luz. Christopher Bosca: vocals, guitars, bass, congas. Kids of MDL: vocals and spirit of the place.




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